Filing For An Annulment

Filing For An Annulment

annulmentMarriage annulment, a legal procedure that is not considered easy on the part of the couple because it will dissolve their marital standing; by contesting in the court of law that there was never a marriage that existed. Come to think of it, getting into the union will make you reflect on it a hundred times or more, and yet getting into an annulment, later on, is such an irony. Annulment nullifies the marriage, and both the married couple returns to their single status, whether they want it or not.

To meet all requirements for an annulment, there must be an imperfection which goes to the core of the marriage. If the wedding is legitimate, the primary responsibility is to petition for legal divorce. Divorce breaks down a healthy marriage, while an annulment recognizes and pronounces a marriage to be so imperfect as to be non-existent.
Many people think that only marriages consumed for only a few years can be annulled, but the length of the marriage is not a qualifying factor for granting it. Even if you were married for a short span of years, you could file annulment as long as one of the grounds is a cause. For a marriage to become invalid, think of the following grounds that must be met.

When entering marriage, one or both parties should be old and mature enough; otherwise, this can be made a ground for annulment later on. When finding out that the two parties have existing close blood affinity, the relationship between the parties can be severed through annulment, should they want to.

Another ground to be considered is when one party was still legally married at the time when the current marriage occurred. Impotency is another factor in which the husband was unable to carry out what was importantly needed of him from the wedding by not producing children as well as when one of the spouses didn’t have the mental capacity to enter into a marriage contract, with reasons due to frequently being drunk or is not mentally fit.

An Annulment Can Also Be Filed by the Aggrieved Party

annulment applicationWhen one of the spouses was made to enter the marriage but was held under duress, was threatened, or was forced to do so, an annulment can also be filed by the aggrieved party. And finally, when the marriage was entered into fraudulently, like when the other party was not truthful enough to relay his own conditions which could become possible grounds of not signing that marriage contract like the concealment of impotence when one party has a criminal history, and when one has acquired sexually transmitted diseases.

Even if a couple has been planning their wedding for quite some time, they may quickly realize that the life that they envisioned together just simply is not possible. Also, some moments in life may be met with such excitement that a couple must seek a way to respond. But marriage can be a long-term commitment, and for whatever reason, couples often discover that it is not their best option. In these types of situations, where a marriage was performed without full disclosure of relevant information or under the influence of drugs or alcohol, there may be a solution. Annulments, in states which allow them, are less costly and involved than a divorce.

Annulment proceedings are less complex than a divorce proceeding. There are a few significant differences between an annulment and a divorce. First, court fees and court filings are more straightforward. If a state determines that a couple meets the requirements for an annulment, then the process is less involved than a divorce proceeding. Also, annulments do not have any criteria for dividing property or resolving many of the issues that may have to be considered in the case of a marriage.

Each state has individual requirements to qualify for an annulment as opposed to a divorce. These requirements give people a legitimate legal means for terminating a marriage, but also protect the courts against people who are trying to avoid a full divorce proceeding. Many of the regulations regarding annulment typically involve time requirements and details, like family history, that may have been withheld until after the marriage.

Before filing an annulment, a person first needs to meet the national residency requirements required by the state. Both parties must be prepared for whatever happenings they may fall into during the proceedings. The annulment procedure is similar to the process done when filing for a divorce so before going on, seeking the guidance of a lawyer or an attorney is a must you may want to visit to learn more about the process of annulment and if you need a professional service.

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