A No-fault Divorce or a Fault Divorce

A No-fault Divorce or a Fault Divorce

annulment applicationThere can be a no-fault divorce or a fault divorce in every state. The dissolution of legal marriages whoever is guilty on the parties is allowed to break up in a fault divorce.

Now many states offer a no-fault divorce option in which one of the party accepts the blame for the dissolution of legal marriage. Some states require a waiting period before a no-fault divorce can take place if there is an absence of a guilty party,

Just Like an Annulment a Fault Divorce Can Proceed

annulment groundsJust like an annulment a fault divorce can proceed only if the grounds were proven and on each state, this grounds can vary as well. These guidelines often include the addiction to gambling, alcohol or drugs, conviction of a crime, incurable mental illness, desertion, adultery, and physical/emotional abuse.

Determining whether your annulment or divorce will be simple or complex is done by your state law. The best way will be familiarizing yourself with the laws in the state of your residence for you to know your rights when it comes to divorce or annulment.