Getting Annuled

Getting Annuled

annulment costWhen you have chosen to end your marriage, you might want to choose divorce which is a lot easier because all states have no-fault divorce. While when you choose annulment, there are grounds that you must prove to before your marriage can be annulled.

Here Are Some Grounds for Annulment

  • Fraud.
  • Mental incapacity.
  • The spouse cannot consummate the marriage.
  • Under the age of consent.
  • Marry by force
  • Bigamy or polygamy
  • Incest.

annulment of marriageThere are advantages of having your marriage legally annulled. Having an annulment will get your marriage as it never happened. In other states the property is not divided you may want to see if your state requires custody determination and a division of property.

You may want an annulment if you are making more money than your spouse because most of the time there s ni alimony in the dissolution of marriage. But sometimes there s temporary alimony that can be awarded in the annulment process.