How to Respond on Annulment Papers

How to Respond on Annulment Papers

annulment requirementsWhen you received an annulment paper, the first thing that you need to do is to figure out what are the things that your spouse is asking and do not worry because the judge has not ordered those things yet. The complaint only tells you all the things that your spouse is asking for the annulment case. Most of the time you might agree on some or worst you might not at all remember that you were only given 20 calendar days to respond.

Respond on the Annulment Case

annulmentFor you to respond on the annulment case, you may need 2 or 3 forms — the Financial Disclosure Form, Joint Preliminary Injunction and answer to annulment.

Within 30 days you can file a financial disclosure form, This form shows information about your income, expenses, property, employment, and even debts.

You may also file a counterclaim that tells what the things that you want to remove on the annulment case are.

The answer will show your spouse and the judge what part of the complaint you disagree and agree with.