Serving Annulment Answer

Serving Annulment Answer

annulment groundsYou must provide a copy of your legal document to your spouse attorney if he or she has one. If, not the copy if that document will be given to your spouse.

This is the things that you must send to the other party:

  • Copy of the answer.
  • Copy of your financial disclosure form.
  • Copy of the joint preliminary injunction.

The clerk of court will send an email to after you filed this documents, and you must download and print the documents for annulment.

Answer the Annulment Papers

annulment vs divorceOnce you answer the annulment papers, you can send it by regular mail, and you must send it three days within filing the documents.

If he or she doesn’t have an attorney, you can send it directly to your spouse, but if he or she does have an attorney, you can throw everything directly to the attorney.

After mailing or email the documents. You are required to fill out the Certificate of Service that tells the court all the details that you have served the papers.